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‘Swing Low’

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‘All Is Fair’

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‘Young Gods’

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‘Work Song’

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‘SONG NO. 7’

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‘Burning Son’

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‘City Song’

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Tickets 02/11 CC Strombeek Strombeek-Bever
Tickets 08/11 Arenberg Antwerpen
Tickets 09/11 CC De Mol Lier
Tickets 13/11 C-Mine Genk
Tickets 14/11 Cultuurzaal Oud Gasthuis Asse
Tickets 16/11 Cultureel Centrum Merskem
Tickets 22/11 CC De Schakel Waregem
Tickets 23/11 Cultuurcentrum Sint-Niklaas
Tickets 24/11 CC Het Bolwerk Vilvoorde
Tickets 28/11 CC Zoetegem Zoetegem
Tickets 29/11 CC 't Vondel Halle
Tickets 30/11 De Velinx Tongeren
Tickets 06/12 CC Casino Koksijde
Tickets 07/12 De Warande Turnhout
Tickets 12/12 Cultuurcentrum Evergem
Tickets 13/12 Cultuurcentrum Mechelen
Tickets 14/12 CC De Werf Aalst
Tickets 20/12 CC ha Hasselt
Tickets 21/12 De Spil Roeselare
Tickets 08/01 Ter Vesten Beveren
Tickets 09/01 Den Egger Scherpenheuvel
Tickets 10/01 CC De Herbakker Eeklo
Tickets 11/01 De Muze Heusden-Zolder
Tickets 17/01 CC De Steiger Menen
Tickets 18/01 CC 't Getouw Mol
Tickets 23/01 30 CC Leuven
Tickets 24/01 De Boogaard Sint-Truiden
Tickets 25/01 CC Belgica Dendermonde
Tickets 30/01 CC Ter Dilft Bornem
Tickets 31/01 Cultureel Centrum Lokeren
Tickets 01/02 CC De Breughel Bree
Tickets 06/02 CC Zwaneberg Heist-op-den-Berg
Tickets 07/02 Stadsschouwburg Brugge
Tickets 13/02 Vooruit Gent
22/02 Vorst Nationaal Brussel
Tickets 29/03 Anciènne Belgique Brussel
26/04 Jimmies, Eskimo Fabriek Gent
Tickets 30/04 Vooruit Gent
Tickets 01/05 Gebouw T Bergen op Zoom
21/06 Rivierenhof Antwerpen, Belgium
Tickets 25/06 Music For Specials Hemiksem
Tickets 29/06 Couleur Café Brussel
03/07 Festival Beauregard Caen, France
16/07 Francofolies de Spa Spa, Belgium
17/07 Festival De Poupet Saint Malo du Bois, France
Tickets 19/07 Gent Jazz Bijloke
22/07 Les Voix du Gaou Le Petit Gaou, France
24/07 Arènes de Nimes Nimes, France
Tickets 26/07 Puurs Live Puurs
Tickets 02/08 M-idzomer Leuven
Tickets 03/08 Dranouter Festival Dranouter
Tickets 07/09 Bruis Festival Maastricht (NL)
Tickets 20/09 Leffinge Leuren Leffinge (BE)
14/10 Zenith Nantes (Support Stromae)
15/10 Zenith Nantes (Support Stromae)
16/10 La Grande Halle Tours (Support Stromae)
17/10 Arena Loire Angers (Support Stromae)
18/10 Antares Le Mans (Support Stromae)
Tickets 24/10 Cirque Royale Brussel (BE)
28/10 Le Docks Oceanes Le Havre (Support Stromae)
29/10 Zenith Rouen (FR) Support Stromae
31/10 Zenith Clermont Ferrand (FR) Support Stromae
01/11 Hall Tony Garnier Lyon (Support Stromae)
02/11 Zenith Saint Etienne (Support Stromae)
12/11 Salle Gayant Douai (Support Stromae)
13/11 P12 Brussel (Support Stromae)
Tickets 21/11 Sonic Visions, Rockhal Luxembourg
Tickets 22/11 Songbird Festival Rotterdam (NL)
Tickets 26/02 Privatclub Berlin (GER)
Tickets 27/02 Mojo Jazz Café Hamburg
Tickets 28/02 Haldern Pop Haldern (GER)
12/03 Täubchental (support show) Leipzig
14/03 Astra (support show) Berlin
15/03 Grosse Freiheit (support show) Hamburg
18/03 LMH (support show) Cologne
22/03 Kaufleuten (support show) Zürich
23/03 Les Docks (support show) Lausanne
24/03 Bierhübeli (support show) Bern
29/03 Batschkapp (support show) Frankfurt
30/03 Olympia (support show) Paris
03/04 Kraakpand, Handelsbeurs Gent
24/04 Ik zie u graag, Mezz Breda
30/04 Rockhal (support show) Luxembourg
18/05 Soho House London
Tickets 19/05 The Castle Hotel Manchester (UK)
Tickets 20/05 Maneros London
01/06 Rockwood Music Hall NY, New York USA
Tickets 09/06 Steinbruch Duisburg (GER)
Tickets 10/06 Goldmark's (Universum) Stuttgart (GER)
Tickets 11/06 E-Werk Erlangen (GER)
Tickets 12/06 Beatpol Dresden (GER)
Tickets 13/06 Moritzhof Scheune Magdeburg
Tickets 14/06 Schlachthof Wiesbaden (GER)
Tickets 18/06 Garage Club Saarbrücken (GER)
Tickets 19/06 Milla München (GER)
Tickets 20/06 Franz Mehlhose Erfurt (GER)
Tickets 21/06 Theater der Wohngemeinschaft Cologne (GER)
Tickets 25/06 Halfway Festival Bialystok, Poland
27/06 Festival Mundial Tilburg (NL)
27/06 Rock Werchter Werchter
Tickets 10/07 Cactus Festival Brugge
16/07 Slotsfjell Festival Tonsberg (Norway)
Tickets 24/07 Opera Ghent, BE
25/07 Opera Gent
Tickets 29/07 Clapham Grand London
01/08 Port Eliot Festival St Germans, Cornwall
14/08 Tucher Blues- und Jazzfestival Bamberg, Germany
Tickets 15/08 Grachtenfestival Amsterdam (NL)
Tickets 25/09 Reeperbahn Festival Hamburg (GER)
Tickets 27/09 Atlas Arhus, Denmark
Tickets 28/09 Loppen Copenhagen, Denmark
30/09 Scandic Grand Central Stockholm, Sweden
Tickets 01/10 Parkteatret Oslo, Norway
Tickets 02/10 Ole Bull Scene Bergen, Norway
Tickets 03/10 Folken Stavenger, Norway
Tickets 16/10 Oude Luxor Rotterdam (NL)
Tickets 17/10 Patronaat Haarlem (NL)
Tickets 22/10 Stadsschouwburg Sittard-Geleen (NL)
24/10 Albert Hall Manchester, UK (Support The Staves)
25/10 Newcastle University Students Union Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK (Support The Staves)
26/10 Old Fruitmarket Glasgow, UK (Support The Staves)
27/10 Leeds University Union Leeds, UK (Support The Staves)
30/10 Scheldetheater Terneuzen, Nederland
31/10 Koninklijke Schouwburg Den Haag
01/11 The Institute Birmingham, UK (Support The Staves)
03/11 Y Plas (formerly Solus) Cardiff, UK (Support The Staves)
04/11 Princess Pavilion Falmouth, UK (Support The Staves)
06/11 De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill-On-Sea, UK (Support The Staves)
07/11 Colston Hall Bristol, UK (The Staves support)
08/11 O2 Academy Bournemouth Bournemouth, UK (Support The Staves)
09/11 Roundhouse London, UK (Support The Staves)
Tickets 13/11 Chassé Theater Breda (NL)
Tickets 14/11 Muziekgebouw Eindhoven (NL)
Tickets 21/11 Theater De Veste Delft (NL)
Tickets 26/11 Theater Heerlen Heerlen (NL)
Tickets 27/11 Blue Bird Festival Vienna, Austria
04/12 Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht, Netherlands
Tickets 09/03 London St Pancras Old Church London, UK
15/03 Barbican London, UK (support Mariza)
Tickets 02/04 Mimuze Kalmthout
08/04 Belgica Bis Dendermonde
Tickets 15/04 Privatclub Berlin, Germany
Tickets 16/04 Prinzenbar Hamburg, Germany
Tickets 17/04 Studio 672 Cologne, Germany
19/04 Stadsschouwburg Mechelen
21/04 De Spil Roeselare
29/04 De Velinx Tongeren
30/04 CC 't Getouw Mol
Tickets 05/05 Kerk Erondgem, Witloofsessies Erondegem
Tickets 06/05 Labadoux Festival Ingelmunster
Tickets 22/07 Boomtown @ Opera Gent
Tickets 10/08 OLT Rivierenhof Antwerpen
Tickets 27/08 Ename Music Waregem
Tickets 03/09 Villa Pace Sint Niklaas
Tickets 10/09 Gebouw T, Popmonument Bergen op Zoom, NL
Tickets 18/03 Aalmarktzaal Leiden (NL)
Tickets 22/04 Hopeville Mariakerke (BE)
Tickets 20/05 De Factorij Zaventem (BE)
Tickets 19/07 Opera (Boomtown) Gent
Tickets 15/08 Openluchttheater, Rivierenhof Deurne (BE)
Tickets 21/08 Openluchttheater, Rivierenhof Deurne
16/09 GC De Schilde Schilde, BE
28/09 CC De Markthallen Herk De Stad, BE
04/10 OC Polderbos De Pinte, BE
05/10 Candelaershuys Ukkel, BE
11/10 De Brakke Grond Amsterdam, NL
12/10 Theater Vooruit Boechout, BE
15/10 Rotown Rotterdam, NL
17/10 Merleyn Nijmegen, NL
18/10 Ekko Utrecht, NL
20/10 Cultuurkapel De Schaduw Ardooie, BE
21/10 Minard Gent, BE
24/10 Casino Sint Niklaas, BE
02/11 De Studio Antwerpen, BE
03/11 Eldorado Humbeek
10/11 Cinema De Keizer Lichtervelde, BE
11/11 Muziekcentrum Dranouter Dranouter, BE
18/11 De Warande Turnhout, BE
21/11 De Singer Rijkevorsel, BE
Tickets 23/11 Club27 @ Sint-Antoniuskerk Edegem
Tickets 24/11 Schouwburg Kortrijk
25/11 Kerk Kapellen, BE
Tickets 29/11 Zuiderpershuis: Kaffee van Antwerpen Antwerpen
Tickets 30/11 Togenblik Beveren
Tickets 01/12 Zwarte Doos, Dommelhof Neerpelt, BE
02/12 Palace Deinze, BE
Tickets 03/12 Cultuurcentrum Evergem
Tickets 04/12 Het Depot: Radio 1 Belpop sessie Leuven
Tickets 08/12 VC De Schelde Zandvliet
Tickets 11/12 GC De Wildeman Herent
12/12 't Nieuwhuys Hoegaarden
15/12 Wiltofsessies @ Kerk Erondegem, BE
Tickets 23/12 Cultuurcentrum Lokeren
Tickets 27/12 Zebrawoods Gent


For one year between October 2013-2014, I posted a song a month on this website. They now form my fourth studio album, This Marauder's Midnight. An illustrated short story was included in the special edition of the record where an infamous serial hair-fetishist in fin de siècle Paris manages to get himself caught red-handed by an unlikely heroine while trying to obtain yet another trophy for an abominable collection. The Marauder realizes he has broken into the wrong room when he encounters a 10-year-old girl who demands that he tell her a story in exchange for not screaming. This comes close to describing one of the feelings that I both enjoy and dread when writing and performing music: almost on command, a song has to be able to move a stranger.


I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and relocated to Ghent, Belgium at a young age to make music and study painting. After fifteen years and three albums I decided to move to New York City for what would become a three year songwriting sojourn in the city. Almost upon arrival, I was introduced to the world of Rockwood Music Hall, that little place on Allen Street where people go to find great music. The slightly daunting reality of all that talent and all those powerful songs became a motivation rather than a deterring force. I realized that, just like everybody else, the only thing I had to do was come up with the best I could muster and show up to play and sing to whomever happened to be there that night; no soundcheck, no curtains, no introductions. I knew that if I did this for a couple of years, the album would write itself.One of those present one evening was Ruben Samama who would eventually join me on double bass and go on to produce the record. After trying out several line-ups we asked his wife, cellist Amber Docters Van Leeuwen, to accompany us on a couple of songs. It quickly became clear that we had found the right set up. The idea then came to make a record that would sound like little more than just the three of us in a room. When the time was right, we booked a week at Dreamland Studios in Woodstock and returned with half the record. I began posting a song a month on my website while simultaneously playing concerts and recording later additions to the batch. This allowed people to preview the record during the course of the year, getting to know the album inside out, track by track. The success of the album's first single “Gold” gave us a good start back in Europe and a dance remix version of the same song, made independently by Thomas Jack, went viral, opening doors for us by unexpectedly introducing people to a record they would probably not have found otherwise.


When you take away the drums, there’s a lot of empty space in a song. The listener’s body has to react to the pulses in the music and connect the dots. I like watching faces change as they grow accustomed to the sounds, especially when it’s a brand new audience. It's like adapting to a pitch black room just before shapes and subtle tones become visible. An overwhelming attraction to words and melodies led me to this place -- a place of dimmed lights and expectation. I like believing that what moves me is going to move you.


A song a month for one year; that was the pledge. Now that a year has come and gone and the album has been compiled and released, we hope to be coming to a town near you very soon. Look out for the special edition of 'This Marauder's Midnight' with bonus material and a surprise inside the booklet. Also, press on the star on the top right corner of the page for an intimate video recording of one of 12 cover songs that will be uploaded the third Monday of each month. For those of you who live outside of the Benelux, the album will be released physically and digitally early 2015. In the meantime you can listen here, on Spotify, or on Deezer.

A song a month for one year; that was the pledge. Now that a year has come and gone and the album has been compiled and released, we hope to be coming to a town near you very soon. Look out for the special edition of 'This Marauder's Midnight' with bonus material and a surprise inside the booklet. Also, press on the star below for an intimate video recording of one of 12 cover songs that will be uploaded the third Monday of each month. For those of you who live outside of the Benelux, the album will be released physically and digitally early 2015. In the meantime you can listen here, on Spotify, or on Deezer.


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